Wild Kaiser is brought to you by Einmaleins Events.
We are Olympia people who love this city, trail running, and bringing people together in the outdoors.

The race is held on private forest land owned by Manke Lumber, a small portion is within the new City of Olympia park at Kaiser Woods and the start and finish area is at Hope Community Church. Thank you everyone for helping to bring this race to life, especially the tireless trail builders, who've been building these amazing trails we get to run.

Race Director: Mathias Eichler

Operations Director: Amanda Mackison

Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to refer our race information page which should answer most questions. Still have one that didn't get answered? Email us , we're happy to help.

What are the cutoff times and where?
Since this is a first year race we will be flexible with cutoffs. The only cutoff we are considering is for the full marathon. We ask that runners begin their 2nd loop no later than 11am, that gives you about 5hrs to complete the first loop.

Are there maps?
Please see our race information page.

Where are the aid stations?
We will have two full aid stations. One at the start/finish line. The other at the entrance on Kaiser Rd, which is the approximate halfway point the loop. This is a tough course and you should be prepared to go 2-2.5hrs without between aid stations.

What food/drinks are at the aid stations?
Expect the usual snacks, fruits, water, Tailwind!!!, gels, and more.

Is there chip timing?
No. We will be timing through UltraSignup and strive to provide the most accurate time we can.

Where and when can I find results posted?
Results will be posted after the race here on the website and on UltraSignup.

Can I get a refund or defer my race entry to next year?
No. At this time, these options are not available for any reason.

Is there a military discount?
No, but the earlier you sign up, the cheaper the race will be!

Is there same-day race registration?
Yes, but only if we don't sell out. So watch our announcements on social media about this.

Can I run more than one race?
No. All race distances occur on the same day, with the full marathon starting first, followed by the half.

Where do I pick up my race number?
Race numbers can be picked up the day of the race, starting at 5:00am and on the day before at REI. More info here.

Do I need ID to pick up my number?
Yes. We need to verify that you are indeed the runner you say you are. Friends or family cannot pick up the race number for you.

What time does the race start?
The Full Marathon starts at 6:30am, the Half at 7:00am.

Where can I park?
There is a good sized parking lot at the starting line right by Hope Community Church. Please carpool if you can to the start line.

How do I get to Wild Kaiser?
We have detailed directions to Kaiser Woods here.

Can I have a drop bag?
You may have one drop bag for the race. Your drop bag needs to be given to the volunteers as you check in. Your name and race number must be on the bag so we can get it to you quickly.

Where can I find drop bag during the race?
Drop bags will be placed just past the aid station at the start/finish area. We will announce and point out the area before each race starts.

Can I run with my pet?
Runners for the Wild Kaiser are not allowed to race with pets under any circumstances.

Will the course be closed to non-runners?
The Kaiser Woods will still be open to the public on race day. Be courteous and polite to anyone you encounter on and around the trails.

Can I run with a stroller?
No. This is a trail race and the trails aren't suitable for strollers.

What ages can run?
If you're under 16 and interested in running this race we ask you to sign a parental consent form at the race big pickup.

Can I wear headphones while running?
No headphones are allowed during the race. For big sections of the course the trail is too narrow and you need to be aware of other runners.

Where are the restrooms
There will be a restroom around the start/finish area. This bathrooms are maintained by Hope Community Church, so please treat it as if you were the one cleaning it.

Can I use trekking poles on the course?
Yes, this is a mountain race. Poles are allowed.

Is there first aid? Where?
We have a medical team working race weekend. They will be located at the aid stations by the start/finish line and along Kaiser Rd. They will come to you if you are injured on the course.

What happens if I miss the cutoff time?
Time cutoffs are strictly enforced. See above for cutoff times. If you miss the cutoff for the Fifth loop, you will received a DNF.

Is there cell service?
Yes, mostly, but it can be spotty in places. However, please refrain from texting and running.

What if the weather is bad?
We run the race, unless there is a weather event that is rare and is a serious danger to the safety of the runners. Rain, snow, sleet; we still run the race. Keep in mind this is going to be in June, so expect to be pretty warm - we hope.

Where can friends and family watch?
We encourage friends and family to cheer you on wherever they can, but prefer that they stay close to the start/finish area or along the trail off of Kaiser Rd..

Do you need volunteers?
We can always use a helping hand. Reach out to us and we will see where we can place you!